How to File a Claim with Brella

Too many Americans with supplemental health insurance benefits run into pages of forms, byzantine rules, and broken websites when they turn to their plan for help with medical expenses. So one of our top priorities in building Brella was to make it easy to file a claim and get paid quickly.

We built Brella to say yes to claims.

We set out to build a modern supplemental benefit that actually pays benefits! To deliver on this promise, we designed a simple, comprehensive plan that’s easy to use. Just log on to our mobile app, submit a claim in minutes, and get paid in hours, not weeks.

Saying yes to claims starts with a straightforward plan design. Our plans cover 13,000+ conditions so unlike traditional supplemental plans, Brella is one wide-ranging benefit that pays for critical illness, accidents, cancer, and more, all in one plan. We pay on diagnosis, so the rules are simple. It doesn’t matter where you get care or what treatment you receive. Your diagnosis is all we need to pay cash you can use to cover medical expenses or everyday costs.

So how do you file a claim?

Filing a claim can be notoriously hard to do with traditional insurers. With Brella, you can forget faxes and file a claim from anywhere in minutes with our mobile app.

First, tell us what happened. We’ll ask you for a few details to help us understand your condition.

Next, send us photos to verify your diagnosis. Upload photos of your discharge papers, your wristband, an IV bag, or your cast—anything you have on hand that validates your claim. We accept evidence of your diagnosis from the point of care so you don’t have to wait for bills or paperwork to come in the mail before you can file a claim. We made our requirements flexible in an effort to work with what you’ve got. Hit submit and we’ll review everything within hours.

Transparency every step of the way

After you submit your claim to Brella, it lives on your claims dashboard in the Brella mobile app. Check back any time to see the updated status. Once we’ve reviewed your claim, we’ll let you know that you’ve been approved, or we’ll reach out to you for more information. Our concierge team is available via phone, chat, or email to answer questions anytime throughout the process.

Get paid in hours, not weeks.

A big part of creating a plan that’s designed to say yes is making it easy to get paid. When you become a Brella member, you’ll designate whether you want to be paid by Venmo, Paypal, or ACH to your bank account. That way, we’re set up to pay you quickly anytime you submit a claim. You can change your payment preferences anytime with a few taps in our mobile app.

The majority of our claims are paid within 72 hours, and we’re just getting started. We plan to automate parts of the claims approval process so in the future most payments will happen automatically and instantly.

Claims are at the heart of Brella

Historically, too many Americans have had a confusing and inconvenient experience filing a claim, and this has broken consumer trust with the entire industry.

We built Brella to be a better option and to stand in the gap for the millions of American families who are exposed to medical expenses when health issues arise. We hope to earn trust with a convenient claims process that’s easy to use and delivers on our promise to pay cash quickly whenever you’re sick or injured with a covered condition.

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