Ready to supercharge your healthcare strategies with Brella?

As an inaugural partner, you’ll have a head start on bringing Brella’s simple supplemental health insurance to Texas-based employers, and we can’t wait to meet you. Check out Brella—then book time to chat with us 1:1 or request a quote today.

Learn more in 7 minutes flat

Your time is valuable, so we put together a short demo to walk you through how Brella brings truly supplemental health coverage to employers and their teams.

10 reasons your clients will love Brella

1. Covers 13,000+ conditions all in one plan
2. True complement to the overall health plan strategy
3. No covered accident or hospitalization requirements
4. No medical underwriting—100% guaranteed issue
5. No pre-existing condition limitations or exclusions
6. Benefits for many COVID-related conditions
7. HSA compatible
8. No coordination with other insurance benefits
9. Claims paid as early as 72 hours once approved
10. Dedicated Brella Concierge for employers and employees

4 strategies to win with Brella

Brokers just like you see Brella as a way to win new business and round out existing accounts. Four new strategies have surfaced:

1. Supplement employer health plan changes with Brella
Reduce the overall health plan premiums and use Brella as a cost-effective way to manage higher deductibles or out-of-pocket maximums.

2. Shift employer HSA contributions to a Brella plan
The typical employer HSA contribution is only 17% of the average employee out-of-pocket maximum. Brella provides more coverage per employer dollar. (Source: Kaiser Family Foundation, 2019 Employer Health Benefits Survey)

3. Redirect employer dollars to a benefit employees will use
Deliver more value with Brella to a greater number of employees—where they feel the most pain (high out-of-pocket medical costs).

4. Leverage self-funded claims data to drive decision-making
Brella can provide a retrospective analysis of health plan utilization and apply sample benefit amounts to illustrate potential plan performance.

Ready to kick the tires?

Email us at with the following information to request a quote:

  • Employer name
  • SIC code
  • City
  • State
  • Number of eligible employees
  • Any covered affiliates and subsidiaries
  • Policy effective date
  • Census (DOB and gender only)

Note: Employers must be sitused in Texas. Employees residing in the following states will not be eligible for coverage: Alabama, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington.